10 Tips on Preparing your body for your Embryo Transfer

The big day is almost here, transfer day!

While this is an exciting event, it is also a stressful one for many. After all, there has been tons of monitoring leading up to this point and for many, tons of medications and money spent.

On transfer day, your doctor will be placing your embryo in your uterus.

I like to view this as a “Welcome home party”. In order to become pregnant, that little embryo needs to attach to the wall of your uterus (in your endometrial lining). No pressure uterus, you can do this right?!

Whether or not this will be a success comes down to 2 things

  1. The quality of the embryo
  2. Your uterus’ receptiveness

So then, it would make sense that we focus mostly on those 2 elements when preparing your body for this transfer right? Yes!

Here are 10 things you can do to prepare your embryo and your uterus for this grand welcome home party on transfer day!

  1. There are simple ways to do a nice fertility cleansing, which is especially helpful for your uterus. Think of this as cleaning your baby’s first home. It’s always good to make sure your homeopath/doctor approve of course. I enjoyed using castor oil packs (warmed) and placed right on the skin where your womb is. I would also use castor oil to massage the area. My husband would help too, which was nice because it included him in the process. Be careful though, it stains.
  2. Talk to your doctor about your uterus lining. Yes ladies, size matters here. This is usually something they are watching closely anyhow. If the lining is not thick enough, they may prescribe medication to help you along.
  3. There is some evidence showing that a special technique known as assisted hatching can actually make it easier for the embryo to implant. Ask your doctor if this is an option for you. I also recommend asking them how experienced they are in this, and what their success rates are. Just because this is can be beneficial, doesn’t mean your center specializes in the technique so its always good to ask.
  4. Get in the driver’s seat with your health care, but be willing to take direction. It’s important to stay on top of what’s happening with your body. Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor how your hormones are looking. The goal here is for them to be balanced. If needed, your doctor can offer some medication to support this balancing act. When you have found a doctor you trust, you are more willing to take their direction on what to do next and have faith in their suggestions.
  5. Get acupuncture, and herbs! My Acupuncturist actually helped me with my hormone balance, endometrial lining, stress levels and egg quality. I saw her once a week, and drank a herbal tea that she custom made and prescribed every day. It was disgusting, and worth every sip since our transfer took the first time with no issues. (So grateful for her and all of our Doctors who made that happen!)
  6. Blood circulation matters. Who knew that was even a thing? Keep your body warm. Try to avoid having cold feet or a cold tummy because you want all the blood circulating to your uterus and not to your limbs due to them being cold. I didn’t eat or drink anything  cold before or after the transfer for that reason. This is also one of the many reasons exercising (walking, riding a bike, hiking) is helpful.
  7. Some people swear by certain foods, claiming that they help with implantation. This was something I was willing to try, figuring I need to eat anyway! Eat a rainbow a day, as if you are already pregnant! Give your body all the nutrition you can, it’s about to make a miracle for you so it will need the fuel to do so! I share what I ate in this video during our two week wait.
  8. Add a pinch of your own magic and maybe even a little silly superstition if it makes you feel better. I have seen all sorts of things that people do in this department. Heck, I even did a few things too! The night before my transfer my acupuncture doctor gave me a hug and we shouted “successful, successful, successful!!” three times out loud to the universe. My husband and I made a special T shirt with his hand prints over my womb for good luck. He gave my belly good luck kisses the morning of the transfer. I meditated with a friend in the parking lot of the IVF center before we went in and I would only listen to positive music the day of and the days after. It can’t hurt right? Positivity is always your friend! Watch your favorite shows and laugh your butt off. This actually releases endorphins into your body which decreases your stress levels! Win- win!
  9. Never underestimate the power of excellent supplements! Things like iron help make your blood healthy and rich, L-Arginine helps create a healthy uterine lining, and prenatal vitamins are always a good idea at stage of your TTC journey. I personally drank this everyday because of the nutrition it provided
  10. After the transfer, plan on taking it easy but not being stationary. Remember, you want your circulation flowing. Its ok to walk a little, but I would not bend or use your abs for a few days. You don’t want to overheat your body so stay away from anything that can raise your temp too high (no baths, jacuzzis or saunas), also no heavy lifting. This is also the time to let it all go in to the hands of faith and trust. I had a mantra, “Everything is always working out for me just as it should”. I repeated that over and over like a crazy person to keep myself from actually going crazy.

I remember when my transfer day was right around the corner, I wanted to be emotionally, mentally and physically ready for the big day! You can watch my video here to see how we got ready.

Want to see what to expect the day of transfer? Here is my video, you will see the actual transfer in action!

Sending you all lots of love and baby dust!

Michelle Smith

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