Emer and Siobhan introduce Food Fitness Fertility

We would like to introduce Emer and Siobhan, two Irish moms, who recently founded Food Fitness Fertility.

Food Fitness Fertility is an online interactive course offering you a healthier path to getting pregnant, staying pregnant and having a healthy baby.

Both are qualified personal trainers with over 7 years’ experience between them in the fitness industry. Emer and Siobhan completed a pre and postnatal exercise certificate together in 2015 while Siobhan also has a qualification in nutritional therapy.

They are both passionate about educating and empowering women to achieve the body, lifestyle and family they deserve.

Siobhan spent most of her late teens and early 20s eating a pretty bad diet, going out too much, not exercising enough and having an overall unhealthy lifestyle. Because of this, her hormones were completely out of balance and she had no natural menstrual cycle for over 10 years.

After finishing her teacher training she decided to go travelling. While in Australia, she was inspired by the health culture and qualified as a personal trainer there. Her desire to improve her overall wellbeing continued and she undertook a three year course in nutritional therapy back in Ireland.

Through her studies Siobhan learned to listen to her body, and eat and move in a way that helped her ovulate regularly again.

For the first time in her life Siobhan felt like she was in control of her body. She and her fiancé Pat welcomed a baby girl Eva in 2015.

Emer and her partner Kenneth decided to try for their first baby in their late 20’s.

She conceived naturally within a year and gave birth to a beautiful boy Freddie in late 2013. Getting pregnant for the second time was not so straight forward. Trying to conceive for over 18 months with no success was a big shock to them.

As a gym owner and mother with a busy husband, Emer noticed her own health starting to suffer, anxiety and stress were an impact on her mood and quality of sleep.

Her coping mechanisms for stressful situations included over-exercising and poor food choices. Emer started to research fertility, the basics to getting pregnant and how lifestyle factors affect your chances of conceiving. She had to learn to manage stress, slow down, ask for help when required and adjust her exercise intensity and frequency. All of this helped Emer achieve a harmony of sorts and she gave birth to her healthy baby girl Thea in 2016.

Emer runs her own private gym studio for those trying to conceive, pregnant women and postpartum with babies in tow!

Her training method is suitable for women at all stages of fitness. She focuses on muscles and movements that are most important for the woman’s body with appropriate cardio conditioning and total body strengthening with an emphasis on correct core engagement all of the time.

Siobhan through her studies in nutrition saw a huge gap in the knowledge out there on how food affects your hormones, blood sugars, weight and overall wellbeing in relation to fertility. And Emer saw a growing trend of clients’, friends and family members having fertility struggles.

They decided to talk through their own experiences, what they could offer others and how they could help.

On a sunny morning in late March 2016 they climbed Croagh Patrick, one of Ireland’s most popular climbs and also known as the ‘fertility’ mountain to have their first official business meeting!!

They now provide online interactive courses for fertility optimisation and prenatal care that include weekly meal plans, workouts and daily support to help balance blood sugars, hormones, achieve optimal weight and help manage stress levels.


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