How does stress affect fertility?

According to the latest scientific studies women with a high level of stress take, on average, 29% more time to become pregnant.

Couples that have undergone a fertility treatment until a pregnancy was achieved describe that period as one of the most stressful they have experienced in their whole lives.

Even back in the 1960’s there are studies that relate stress levels with infertility.

In Dr. Courtney Lynch’s study, published in the prestigious magazine Human Reproduction, it is proved how women with high stress levels take, on average, 29% more time to become pregnant. In the study participated 501 women that where trying to become pregnant naturally. Saliva samples were taken from the participants to prove that those who expressed high levels of alpha-amylase (stress biological marker) in their saliva had less chances to become pregnant when compared to those who showed low levels of this biomarker.

In IVF Spain, leading clinic in assisted reproduction, we even propose reducing stress before the treatment.

For this a set of measures are taken that aim at reducing the patient’s uncertainty and contribute to decrease the stress levels. To help this, personalised attention is offered by the whole professional team as well as a humane and empathic attitude that will make patients feel reassured and supported at all times.

After the first consultation patients are usually overwhelmed by all the information received and need time to assimilate and organise their doubts. For this they will be assigned a personal assistant that will guide them throughout the treatment and will counsel them about the medication. They are in charge of customizing the patient’s agenda and of the treatment plan follow up, as well as of solving all the patients’ doubts during the treatment. They have a very important role in IVF Spain; they offer attention, counselling and support from the beginning of the treatment until the baby’s birth.

Let us not forget that there is an open e-mail address and phone number available to patients that provides attention 24 hours for urgent issues.

“We know by both, scientific studies and our own experience, that stress is a factor that negatively impacts the pregnancy chance. That is why, from the start of IVF Spain we have acted on three different fronts. First, reducing the uncertainty providing transparent information about the treatments and tests, and about each and every step couples will take. Second, achieving the maximum treatment personalisation with high rates and realistic expectations. And third, offering the strongest possible personal support” says Dr. Natalia Szlarb, Medical Director of IVF Spain and assisted reproduction specialist.

In order to achieve the long desired pregnancy we must go further.

It is mandatory to rely on a good medical team and an embryology department able to detect the factors that could be interfering with pregnancy. When patients have suffered repeated miscarriages or successive implantation failures, it is essential to have the expertise and innovative technology for assisted reproduction, such as a flux cytometry system for sperm analysis, genetic tests to analyse endometrial receptivity, pre-conception genetic tests to avoid monogenic or chromosomal diseases, specific tests and treatments to improve male fertility, specific protocols of genetic screening that improve the chances of pregnancy, and technologies to predict the embryo viability, among other pioneering techniques.

Seeking the patients’ peace of mind and with it (according to research) an increase in the chance of pregnancy, IVF Spain pays special attention to providing detailed care that makes patients feel they are in the best hands.

Not just because of the decoration, the environment and the privacy of the waiting rooms, but also because of the use of holistic medicine like acupuncture or natural therapy. It has been proven that this type of treatments help increase the pregnancy chance and improve the response to fertility medication; they also enhance blood circulation and relaxes patients before and after the treatment, notably reducing stress.

In summary, personalised attention, technology linked to innovative knowledge and natural therapies, help decrease stress levels considerably and, in consequence, contribute to achieve pregnancy.

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