Kate Reardon shares her IVF story and the importance of being positive

A couple of year’s ago, while I was Editor of Tatler, I gave birth to twins. I was 46

You know, a 46 year old woman is unlikely to have babies without a lot of highly trained medical assistance so I spent a year having IVF. Fertility treatment is, without doubt, the toughest thing I have ever done. It’s the closest I will ever come to being truly heroic.

Every time it didn’t work I felt as though I was being swallowed by a black hole of misery. As it happened, for the whole year I was having treatment I was also being filmed for a BBC2 documentary… about Tatler. No one knew. No one at the office. No one on the film crew. I would have to sneak out of meetings to inject myself in the bathroom at work. And month after month I didn’t get pregnant.

The point of telling you this is that I was forced to control my thoughts

Every single morning I had to walk into that office and be a glossy magazine editor, I had to come up with funny ideas. In public. I had to be cheery, see the funny side and have a laugh. And… believe me, it helped. Try it: When life is hard, fake it till you make it.

Find out more about Kate Reardon’s journey with her inspirational talk at Stowe School about both IVF and the power of positive thinking

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