Meet the wonderful Aleta St James, world renowned energy healer and life coach

At a period in our lives, when we are all scared about losing precious time, as we wait for clinics to reopen and treatment to start again, it is a comfort to hear about women having babies later in life – like Aleta St James, the world-renowned energy healer, and life coach.  At the age of 57, Aleta made worldwide news when she became the first woman in America to give birth to twins, demonstrating that her methods of positive energy transformation can truly bring about miracles.

If you haven’t already had a browse through Instagram this morning, make sure you do at some point, and visit our IGTV where you will find the absolutely amazing and totally inspiring Aleta, talking about the power of resilience and believing through times of uncertainty and doubt.

As a child, Aleta St James had always dreamt of being an actress on stage and screen. Her career would span the world and begin at the tender age of six. But, despite her huge success over several decades, she felt she needed a more balanced life during the rollercoaster that often goes hand in hand with a show business career, so she turned to healing energies. During her glamorous career, she has helped thousands of people realise their dreams of happiness using her healing methods.

Here we talk to her about her career, in both show business and healing, along with her amazing journey to motherhood…

“I was in the search of the keys to finding true happiness and the secrets of manifestation,” Aleta says.”I sought answers to major transformation by studying bioenergetics, primal therapy, eastern and western healing modalities, and energy light work. My quest for finding true happiness lead me to study with spiritual masters from all over the world in places like India, Peru, and China.”

Aleta sees life as an artistic expression, whether writing film scripts or helping people through life’s emotional challenges. In her 30s she had many creative friends come to her to help them find their sense of balance that they could see she was emulating.

Her healing work soon took off and she was being asked to travel to Europe to give workshops and as well as opening a practice in the US.

She said: “Naturally I was surprised by this healing force that took over my life and put me on my true path to being an energy healer. I realised my path was to integrate my artistic talents with my healing abilities to help people and to emulate as an artist, that there is no such thing as an impossible dream.”

As the years passed, Aleta realised she had one deep desire and that was to have children of her own

“My grandmother had my mother at 54, so I didn’t think there was a big rush. When I was 49 I started to pursue that dream. It took me until 57 to actually give birth to my miracle twins, which shockingly enough to me, was the second biggest story in 2004. I made international news and proved that with the right mindset and balanced energies, truly anything is possible.”

She credits her personal evolution to reaching such a high level of master energy healing by her many tutors. She studied primal therapy with Thurman Scott, who taught at the Actualism Center, and Connie Newton, her teacher and mentor for light work and accessing powerful healing energies, as well as developing her intuitive and psychic abilities, who she has known for almost 30 years.

How does she help people with fertility issues?

“People come to me when they feel blocked and incapable of getting to the next level in their lives, she says. “Whether it’s a fertility issue, not being able to have a fulfilling relationship, breaking free from a difficult relationship, looking for financial freedom, or reigniting the passion and excitement in their life.

“I’ve been called the Indiana Jones of the soul – a trailblazer who cuts through people’s fears and limitations by being an example of my own philosophy. When people told me I could never get pregnant at my age, my answer was, ‘just watch me” I break the limitations of what people feel they can have- I’ve personally broken the glass ceiling on fertility and the age factor.

“There’s a tremendous amount of stress that couples go through during the fertility process. It often creates a huge wound in their ability to love each other. My clients have told me that instead of unloading on their husbands, they’re releasing their anger and frustrations during a session with me and they can return home in a happier and more elevated state of mine. Many of them have said that in the process of coming to me and working with me, I’ve saved their marriages.”

What message would you give to anyone who may be experiencing fertility issues?

“They need to feel that they deserve to receive the best experts available to support them on their journey. If things aren’t working within two to three cycles, don’t just blindly keep going; search for other doctors that might have the answer to why you’re not becoming pregnant, and for people like myself who do energy healing to find out what is blocking you on a psycho-spiritual and emotional level. There’s no such thing as an impossible dream.”

To find out more about Aleta and her work, click here


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