MIND and taking care of yourself

Trying to conceive is one big waiting game. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy and so important to keep a healthy and balanced mind throughout the process, which can be a challenge.

For those trying to conceive naturally or going through fertility treatment, it can help to have a strong support network around you. Before going through the treatment, perhaps decide who you want to confide in, how much you want to tell them. if you have a partner, it’s important to communicate and build a strong foundation before starting on your fertility journey as it can put pressure on relationships.

Part of forming this strong foundation might be to establish expectations before starting on this journey.

Counselling can help if you feel you need to talk to someone with professional experience to prepare you.

It’s important to keep a positive and balanced mind and to deal with any hurdles that may occur along the way.

Communicating with friends and family about how you feel, protecting your mindset, keeping a positive outlook and also how to deal with the possibility it may not work and what your next steps would be.

Take care of yourself

By letting yourself obsess but just a little, use the right tools to keep a balanced and healthy mind. Find a distressing strategy, do your best to enjoy the moment, how to best deal with the hurdles along the way, remembering your partner does care and how important it is to communicate your feelings, having a support network with your partner, friends, family or a professional.

With the knowledge of our leading experts, along with others who have been there and want to share their stories with you, we are here to support you through this sometimes confusing and emotional process.


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