Pomegranate, avocado and watercress salad with orange segments

Fantastic recipes using pomegranate seeds, an amazing fruit to help boost fertility


8 large oranges
6 bunches watercress {lambs lettuce or spinach can also be used)
1/2 to 3/4 cup pomegranate seeds
1 cup slivered almonds, toasted
2 ripe avocados

How to make

With a small, sharp knife, cut ends off oranges. Peel the orange and divide into individual segments.

Repeat with remaining oranges, place into a bowl.

Chop the avocado into even slices (remove outer skin).

Rinse and dry the watercress.

In a large bowl, place watercress (or lambs lettuce or spinach), orange segments and mix gently.

Add the avocado slices.

Garnish each salad with pomegranate seeds and toasted almonds.

Add a dressing of your choice. Enjoy!

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