The National Fertility Society talk about the importance of fertility counselling

T​ime and again at the London Fertility Show, we were visited at our stand by people who told us how difficult the emotional journey is during IVF treatment, and how they felt the need to talk to someone who understands.

But who do you turn to? That’s where the National Fertility Society comes in, we can help and we can really make a difference.

We understand that an IVF cycle requires an enormous emotional commitment at each stage​.

This ​​can put pressure on your relationship​s​, from dealing with the unpredictable emotions that the fertility drugs could trigger to managing the financial aspects of the treatment.

Each step of the journey can be difficult, ​and many ​people worry about injections​. W​ill I have enough eggs? Will they become embryos? We now have to wait and wait and wait for test day​. W​ill I be pregnant?

Then what happens if the result is negative? ​What do I do next? Do I have frozen embryos? Do I need to have another cycle? Can I finance another cycle? Do I stay with the same clinic? What can we do differently to improve my next cycle?

If it’s a positive result​, there are so many questions, too. ​When do I have my first scan? Is the baby okay? What is my risk of miscarriage? Do I go to work? How much should I rest?

Finding a counsellor that specialises in fertility counselling is essential to get the right support before, during and after treatment.

We c​an connect you​ to specialist fertility counsellors within your area for one to one help. All of our counsellor members are registered with the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists or National Counselling Society and comply with their Code of Ethics and our own Professional Code of Ethics.

​”So often I come across people who have tried to cope with fertility treatment alone​,” said Sandra Bateman, Chief Executive of the National Fertility Society. “Without any external help from a counselling professional who specialises within this field they have found it very difficult. If they had only sought out someone for just one or two sessions it would have been a lot easier for them to cope​.​”

Please contact the National Fertility Society​ for more information.


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