TTC Buddy is about real people, real faces, real communication

TTC Buddy will help you reach out to others to help find like-minded friends who can relate to the emotions encountered while on your TTC journey.

Even though you may have the support of family and friends, there can be a certain comfort and security in talking to those who have shared similar experiences.

TTC Buddy connects people personally in a way that forums can’t

Maybe you’re looking for someone who’s starting out on their fertility journey at the same time as you. Whether you are considering, or going through, IVF, egg freezing, taking the surrogacy route or another route to parenthood, you can find someone going through the same. There are others who can offer the comfort and wisdom of someone who has come out the other side.

TTC Buddy has global reach, so wherever you are in the world, just type in either your location or the town or country of the buddy you would love to get in touch with.