TTC BUDDY connecting with someone who understands

Going through fertility issues brings out lots of feelings – anger, loneliness, envy, shock, shame, disbelief, sadness, frustration. 

All of these can be easier to cope with when you’re able to share what you’re going through with people who are going through a similar journey.

TTC Buddy holds out a hand to connect people and is unlike any other community

TTC Buddy is a secure way for IVF babble readers to reach out to one another, to help find likeminded friends who can relate to the emotions encountered while on your fertility journey. Even though you may have the support of family and friends, there can be a certain comfort and security in talking to those who have shared similar experiences . . . a TTC Buddy.

TTC Buddy has global reach

So wherever you are in the world, just type in your profile and location and source your nearest TTC Buddy or even choose a companion who lives in another part of the globe.

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