Your Clinic supports you

Teaming up with The Fertility Partnership

to offer support packs to patients

Our core mission at IVF babble has always been to create something we wish we’d had whilst we were on our own fertility journeys

In addition to creating an online fertility magazine and fertility campaign(s) to break the silence, one of our dreams was to create a physical support pack that patients could take home with them at their first consultation. Something that would offer comfort at such an emotional time.

So we are beyond excited that The Fertility Partnership recognised the need to go that extra mile for their patients by joining forces with us at IVF babble to create the ultimate support pack

Every single patient that attends a consultation at The Fertility Partnership will take home a canvas bag with our pineapple logo on it, one of our famous pineapple pins, and a 3 month free membership to Babble Prime, our interactive wellness network.

In time we hope clinics all around the world will join and The Fertility Partnership in helping their patients to feel even more looked after with these support packs.

We love The Fertility Partnership’s focus on patient care and for supporting this initiative to let patients know they are cared for emotionally and that they’re not alone

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