We’re here to support and guide you through your TTC journey

IVF? ICSI? Surrogacy? Egg freezing? It’s all a blur to begin with. We’re here to help you on your path to parenthood

The 90 days leading up to your IVF are such an important time

Perhaps you’ve only recently heard the news you have infertility issues. Just knowing you can’t conceive in the way you thought you can be tough to cope with, we’ve been there and so understand how you are feeling right now.

With your clinic, we are here to guide you through your egg freezing or IVF process.

Maximise your chances of success

Everyone’s fertility profile is unique. There is no crystal ball that will reveal your best way to get pregnant, but it’s important to review results from your blood tests and scans, analyse success rates of treatments and work out with your doctor what’s best for you.

Consider your well-being

Infertility is tough both mentally and physically. IVF stimulation needs lots of medication. You can lose and gain weight, lose sleep and sleep too much, overeat and lose your appetite. Every IVF treatment takes its toll. It’s important to prepare yourself and ask honest questions:

  • Am I physically ready for this right now?
  • How can I make sure I won’t push myself too hard and suffer lasting effects?
  • How will my relationships cope?
  • How do I prepare my body?

We are here to help guide you through the process and why not watch our self help videos to help you through the process

For some people, infertility is an obstacle but they overcome it without too much trauma and work on how they can achieve parenthood. For others, it can be truly debilitating and affect self-esteem. This is why we have created Babble Prime Wellness and TTC buddy so that you can get in touch with others going through the same as you.

Talking about infertility and what to do next can be a real challenge

But communication is the best thing you can do. Openness and honesty put you on the best path. Regardless of what decision you make, so long as you are comfortable with it, you made the right one!

With love

Tracey and Sara x

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