This PCOS breakfast smoothie could help balance your sugar and hormone levels

By Sue Bedford, fertility nutritionist
It is important for those with PCOS to balance blood sugar levels as this will help to balance hormone levels. If the balance is wrong there will be more insulin produced by the ovaries which will lead to a rise in testosterone levels.

Why not try this balancing get up and go balancing breakfast smoothie to keep you going all morning:

Ingredients (makes one large smoothie)

4oz raspberries
8oz strawberries
100ml almond, soya, rice or coconut milk
2oz unsweetened muesli
A sprinkling of pumpkin seeds

Place the raspberries and strawberries into a blender and whizz together until smooth then add the muesli, pumpkin seeds and milk and blend. Pour into a glass with some ice. Enjoy.

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