Listing Options for The Directory

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£45/$56/€50 per year plus VAT

A listing displaying your both your name and website address.


£135/$170/€150 per year plus VAT

Classic listing includes:

A listing displaying your name, telephone number, website address

One article to appear within IVF Babble (on related page such as clinic, wellbeing, products)

Direct contact form for Babble Prime and IVF Babble readers to request an appointment and/or call back.


£385/$485/€430 per year plus VAT

Platinum listing includes:

A detailed listing displaying your name, contact details, website address on your own unique page with image upload and VT

Event(s) – maximum of three – can be added onto your page also showing in the main ‘events’ find and connect category

One article to appear within IVF Babble

One free advertisement to appear within IVFbabble,com’s weekly newsletter

To receive a 25% discount on all advertisements throughout your The Directory annual listing period


£95/$119/€106 per year plus VAT

Listings in additional sections, up to 3 categories (ie. if you are already listed in clinic category, and you would like a listing in both the donor and surrogacy categories too).

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